Building a sound financial position has never been easy for an arts or cultural organization.

It has always been a delicate balancing act, an art in itself.  It starts with understanding your numbers. It ends by supporting your art.

We don’t do the art, but we can help you with the numbers.

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About Us

Cool Spring Analytics was founded in 2002 by Nancy Sasser and Patricia Egan to provide an analytical approach to problem solving and planning to assist managers, boards, donors, and associations of arts and cultural organizations in their decision making.

We have faced the problem of limited resources and competing needs as managers, as funders, and as board members.

As consultants, we have advised more than 70 organizations on creating and implementing strategies that have led many to improved financial health and enhanced artistic and cultural activities.

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We have a simple goal: Clients who understand their numbers and who use that understanding to further their art.

Whether we are assessing an organization, developing a multi-year financial plan, or designing a reporting structure, our services combine a thorough analysis of data with thoughtful interpretation that is at once rigorous and easily comprehended. 

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Our clients have ranged from multi-cultural centers in rural areas to large theaters and museums in major cities.

One recent project was to design a financial dashboard that could be customized to meet the particular needs of a variety of different cultural organizations.

Other projects have included a capitalization analysis of a foundation’s grantees, financial models for start-up projects, and assessments with follow-up consulting for groups of cultural organizations.

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